once upon a time, there were two boys, and they were beautiful. in different ways, though-one had blonde hair, and the other had black, which was often stuck up with engine grease. one of the men had bright blue eyes: the same colour as the other man’s heart.

but they were parted, you see- they were decades apart, and sometimes, the blue-eyed boy would sit on the roof of his apartment with his best friend, bucky, and think about pressing up against the heartbeat of the person he was meant to hear the heart of.

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the many looks of tony stark: home judge possibly biased


Its hard to say no to those big blues.

This is a belated birthday present for the lovely Beth. She mentioned that she loved snuggling Tony so here’s some superhusband snuggle action. This took me an embarrassingly long time to finish but I did it hahah :D 


The first time Tony said ‘I love you’…

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The forty-something boy and the twenty-something old man.