“Looking at Tony and Bruce’s outfits at the end of the movie, I’m just gonna put this out there: Bruce is wearing Tony’s clothes. They’re about the same size and build, Bruce’ outfit is way snazzier than his usual style, and we already know that Tony practically asked Bruce to move in with him the day they met. Tony loaned him an outfit from his no-doubt gargantuan Stark closet because they’re Science Bros now, plus Bruce’s only other clothes were reduced to a pair of torn short-shorts when he Hulked out. Also, Tony knows that this is Bruce’s first (positive) interaction with the press, and if there’s anything Tony Stark’s good at, it’s putting on a show.”

Hello Tailor: “Costumes and Characters of The Avengers”.

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Tony: Hey I just met you,
Tony: And this is crazy,
Tony: But come up to my tower,
Tony: Do science with me maybe.
Tony: It's like Candyland.


Quick fan art sketch. Tony and Bruce, hangin’ out at Stark Tower, being science bros doin’ science stuffs. (Slight spoilers, maybe?) 

ugh god this movie. *_*

don’t worry melissa I’m still working on hawkeye