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I saw angerfish's tags and I had to make the crossover even if it's already been made or whatever here's some scribbles


Rae as Male!Korra from The Legend of Korra! (Khaotickon, 2013)




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be the leaf

I can’t stop looking at this

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Water bending Fanime 2013. This was my favorite thing at the con cosplay wise.


So spring is almost upon us and Nick decided to wipe the Whiteboard cabinets clean and have us start anew. The Following photo set is the result of The Korra Crew’s wacky imagination… Enjoy!


I want to say something about this moment right here.

Look at Lin’s face. Look at how she looks at Pema and her children. That is the face of a woman who has realized that the past is behind her and there is nothing she can do about it. All she can do is look forward to the future. These are the last airbenders, the last remains of a dying race. However, somewhere, deep down inside, Lin wishes that she were in Pema’s place. Lin has no children of her own. Lin lost Tenzin to Pema. Lin has held on to that for yearsbut has realized that she has to do what it takes, even if it costs her own life, to protect the children of the woman who perhaps rid her of the chance of having children of her own.

Because Lin is a hero. Lin is everyone’s hero.

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Mama Toph playing the Papa role. Who knows, maybe she had to be both for little Lin