The stunning maskwork of merimask.


If you follow our blog you’ll probably have seen that on May 25th our recreation of the H.O.U.N.D shirt seen in Sherlock series 2 goes on sale at for 2 days! Because there is only a 48 hour window in which to buy the shirt we want as many people to know about it as possible so they don’t miss out on the chance to grab themselves one. The shirt is currently available in colour at our RedBubble store but the vintage black and white version will only ever be sold on Qwertee so this really is your only chance to get one!

So what better way to spread the word than a giveaway! And this will certainly be our shortest running giveaway ever as you only have until the 26th of May to reblog (which is only three days away!) 

To enter
1. Reblog (as many times as you like). Likes don’t count. 
2. You do not have to be following wearsherlock 

We will ship worldwide.
Shipping is of course free.

The winners will be selected on Saturday May 26th at 3pm (GMT). We will post the winners on the blog at 3.30pm and you MUST send us your address and size preference before 10pm or we will give your shirt to somebody else. This is because we will need to send the shirt to you within the times of the qwertee sale.

(If you don’t want to take your chances the shirt will be available to buy for just £8/$12 on the 25th-26th of May so keep an eye on over the weekend!)

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▶ Space Saving Rooms







also known as Lofted Bedrooms, check these out, and a few other cool bedroom designs. I’m already drawing up a design to have one done for my house in the Philippines.

I would like to live in literally every one of these, please.

Yes please.

I wonder how much it would cost to make a room like that.

the second one omg

I feel so fucking hip knowing I have a loft bed.

Bath mat which turns red when wet. 

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gdi, ThinkGeek. Stop being awesome. And sold out.

“Does not prevent Shrapnel from reaching your heart”

Well what good are you, then