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Tracker Jackers- Genetically engineered wasps from the Capitol. One or two stings can cause powerful hallucinations, but several stings can lead to death of the victim.

Stare at the hypnosis for at least 30 seconds then look at the woods in the arena.



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A Baker's World

Peeta: Look at this bread...
Katniss: Oh God...
Peeta: I think it's wheat.
Katniss: Please no..
Peeta: Wouldn't ya think that it rises with yeast?
Peeta: Wouldn't you think I'm the boy, the boy with the baaaakery?
Peeta: Look at this stove, treasures untold...
Peeta: How many wonders can one cabinet hold?
Peeta: Lookin' around here you'd think, sure, he's got eveeerything.
Peeta: I've got flour and sugar aplenty..
Peeta: I've got frosting and icings galore!
Peeta: You want cakepops? I got 20!
Peeta: But who cares, no big deal, I waaant mooore!!!
Peeta: I want to be where the bakers are...
Peeta: District 12 is no place for kneading.
Peeta: Baking around on those...What do you call 'em? Oh, cookie sheeeets.
Peeta: Up where they stay, making the buns, up where they bake all day just for fun.
Katniss: Are you done?
Peeta: Wandering free, wish I could be in a baker's wooorld!


Mockingjay Pin Give-away

I have been here on tumblr for 2 years. And I finally decide to have a give away. LOL. TWO MOCKINGJAY PINS WILL BE GIVEN AWAY. why? Because I ordered 2, and realized I have ordered another one from another shop. So yea. This give-away is LEGIT. I have been planning this for a long time. 

The rules are simple and Easy: You do not have to follow me or whatever, that’s your free will, however, you have to reblog this post and Tumblr Ask me your name and the number of times you reblogged this post. And by that, I will number each one of you and then go to http://www.random.org/ just to generate the winner. Easy pissy lemon squeezy right? :)

important note: the necklace is not included, it’s just because I’m too lazy to take another picture of the pins. LOL

Since this is just a pin, yeah I’ll try my best to ship it anywhere in the world as long as it is within the reach of my budget. :)

Deadline will be on March 18, 2012; Just days away from the premiere, so yea, Happy Hunger Games……

and May the odds be ever in your Favor! 

(Winner will be contacted through Tumblr ask, if Tumblr ask is inaccessible, another winner will be chosen.)