clint encounters a mirror, becomes agitated

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“I swear to god, Steve, I will drop the PASIV out of this fucking window if you don’t tell me RIGHT NOW why you thought taking this goddamn job was a good idea, what with Bucky running around our heads trying to shoot us out of our dreams.”

“Can’t you feel it, Clint? You’re antsy. We’re all antsy. We’ve been the best dreamshare team there is out there since Cobb’s disbanded, and we haven’t gone under in over a year.”

Avengers Inception AU  wherein Thor of Odin Corp. hires Steve Rogers’ elite dreamsharing team to perform inception on his brother, Loki, and a shade of their ex-resident thief Bucky (who was killed when the team’s last job went horribly wrong) tries his best to sabotage it.

Or: Steve extracts, Tony builds, Clint runs point, Natasha’s a master of impersonation, Bruce concocts, Thor’s a tourist, and things happen

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Prince Loki (A cover of the song from Aladdin, lyrics by captainhufflepuff, sung by me)

Go The Fuck To Sleep: AVENGERS VERSION. →


Thor, put your hammer down.
No more pop-tarts for a week.
Your father is sleeping, so why aren’t you?
Just go the fuck to sleep.

It’s time for Tony to go to bed.
JARVIS won’t make a peep.
You can be a billionaire playboy tomorrow.
Now go the fuck to sleep.

Steve is curled up on his shield.
The lights are out on the street.
Time to dream of apple pies.
And go the fuck to sleep.

Even Bruce is all hulked out.
No more giants leaps.
You wouldn’t like him when he’s tired.
So he went the fuck to sleep.

Clint never misses bedtime.
His purple blanket is in a heap.
Clint, get out of Natasha’s bed.
And go the fuck to sleep.

Natasha has had enough of this.
It’s sleeper-holds for the weak.
That’s why she’s my favorite agent.
She’s going the fuck to sleep.

Even Coulson is ready for bed.
To dream of tazing sheep.
Supernanny marathon’s on tomorrow.
So go the fuck to sleep.

The Avengers are all in bed now.
I think I’m gonna weep.
Good thing I’ve already got one eye closed.
I’m going the fuck to sleep.

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▶ steve/tony red string theory fic???


well, gchat fic exchanged between Marr & me. this is terribly indulgent to our hurt!Tony feels.

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This is for whereisfic, who originally wrote this for me, and who is lovely. <3










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John and Dean need to start a club

the My Not-Boyfriend Thinks He’s Heterosexual Club

My Not-Boyfriend Thinks He’s Heterosexual Club

Merlin can join them.

I love the look of disgust on John’s face. He’s like “Are you serious right now?”

Merlin can join them.

#jesus christ it’s like all the fandoms came together and agreed everyone is gay and thats final 

um yeah we’re slash shippers that’s what we do

Merlin can join them.

Merlin: We’re two sides of the same coin! I don’t get why Arthur just… what a dollop-head. Sorry, I’ll just drop the subject. You’d think the King of Camelot would be less oblivious… More wine, John? I hear it’s tough with you after the whole Irene debacle.

John: …If anyone still cares, I’m not gay.

Merlin: Of course you’re not. (indulgent beaming)

John: You don’t believe me, do y- fine. But it is ridiculous how he carries on. Yes, more wine would be lovely, thank you.

Draco: (muttering to himself) Stupid Potter. My father will hear about this.

My Not-Boyfriend Thinks He’s Heterosexual Club

this is essentially perfection

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Made by Lu

of course you slept with him ….

BAMF as always


Because it needed to be done.