I took a bunch of photos of that last picture while I was drawing, so I thought a progress-ish post might be fun.

Note that I am drawing on scrap paper AS PER USUAL




Here it is, my final piece.

I missed out some details on Thranduil’s crown, but, you know… Time limits. (This was done in 7 hours, if you’re curious.)

Hooray for Elf hair!

hold up

is this a fucking painting




In short: Reblogs and Likes of this picture are each entries to have me paint a personalized portrait of you.

In slightly less short: Longtime followers are no stranger to these contests but for those new to this or me, I’m an illustrator (my work: ) who has worked with National Geographic, Janelle Monáe, Childish Gambino, FX, Game Informer, Angry Birds, Wall Street Journal, among others – creating album and magazine covers, advertisements, and posters – but a big part of me being able to do all that has been you sharing my work over the last 3 years. As my small way of paying that forward, I’d like to paint for one of you as I would for my clients, but ya know … for free. Maybe you want that regal portrait of you in a velvet smoking jacket to hang over your mantel, maybe one of your loved one, favorite character, or perhaps you just want me to paint you however I see fit (warning: this will 100% involve dinosaurs) – if you can think it, I’ll probably paint it – and I’ll work with you to make it something special.

As usual I’ll also be sending signed prints and haikus about your eyebrows to extra winners. The contest will stay open for about a week then I’ll randomly draw winners. You can enter on facebook and twitter for extra entries but be cool and don’t spam your followers.




Traditional Art: “Sensazioni” by *DiegoKoi 

Pencil on paper 



i give up.






I’m not telling you any spoilers or opinions, but I want to write down my personal favourite line of all 2nd Sherlock season. It is:

Do you ever wonder if there’s something wrong with us?

I do wonder. Lots of times. Moffat, Gatiss, you have no idea of HOW EXACTLY you’ve portrayed my family relationships here. So - couldn’t keep myself from trying to paint my favourite brothers…

Mycroft in this very portrait is a shadow, a gothic cathedral, a foggy city, a strict system, capable of crumpling down, while Sherlock is a mixture of amorphous shapes, neither exactly dark, nor exactly white… I guess you can see my point here.

This is gorgeous.

it sure is

This is clever AND gorgeous. This is sex in a painting. This is far more pornographic than photos of penises and drawings of humping. This is ideas and souls and thought, and for these two, they value those FAR more than anything they could do with their bodies.

You’re showing their faces off perfectly - Gatiss’s profile, the sleekness of his hair contrasting with the mad scruffiness of Sherlock’s, and that evil little glint in Mycroft’s eye is its own touch of the madness brought on by an excess of intelligence.

You’ve got Sherlock’s face, too - the way he looks down on pretty much everything (“[You’re] an idiot. Oh, don’t be like that; most people are.”), the mask-like face he wears to try to convince people that he, too, is an iceman, with no emotions. And yes, I love the tiny skull. I would keep it as a pet. 

This is gorgeous on so many levels. I love it. When it comes out as a poster, I WILL BUY IT. Don’t even think of disappointing me!

You have no idea how happy I was to see this on my dash again today. I was thinking about this piece of art on the train home this evening. It is perfection, and it haunts me.





Photorealism - Unbelievable, but these are no photos, these are super realistic looking oil paintings by the American artist Doug Bloodworth.

I was like “wait what’s so photorealstic about comic books” and then





(Source: dashperiod)