Art trade with kaitoxme. I’m a lil obsessed with mermaid right now after watching the little mermaid and been wondering if monster hunters would use some enchantment to lure young mermaids into magic nets and sell them to exotic pet shops or some sort of black market.

A birthday gift for my friend Nana, who is actually a real witch who has a cute wardrobe and save drowning kittens in her spare time.

art trade with kaitoxme because she’s the best ever. I made her a shy rabbit librarian and a mischievous gazelle girl who stops by once a week to get her books and her weekly ogling.

one day i’ll get a proper scanner but apparently not today

Hoorayyy one down, five thousand kajillions more assignments to go

This is a belated birthday present for the lovely Beth. She mentioned that she loved snuggling Tony so here’s some superhusband snuggle action. This took me an embarrassingly long time to finish but I did it hahah :D